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All those New Year Resolutions...!

Posted on January 6, 2019 at 5:21 PM Comments comments (321)
So, we are about 1 week into 2019!

Hands up if you have already broken one or more of your resolutions. Yes , those resolutions that this year you were absolutely, 100% adamant, that you would stick to, come hell or high water!!

3 years ago, my then 15 year old son, made 3 resolutions. He didn't tell anyone, not until he had achieved all three which, remarkably, was by the end of January!! As far as I know he had never made a New Years resolution before that, nor since. Maybe he just wants to keep his 100% record intact...

As for me, well, I still make New Year resolutions, except I now call them my GOALS for the year.

Sure, I still have those personal ones like 'I'm going to lose weight' or 'I'm going to save more money' or I'm not going to lose at squash with my son!', but I have a whole load of other goals too, mainly related to work, but also family, personal development, holidays etc.

My overall goals for the year are usually split into 3 categories:

The first group are goals which I think are relatively easy to achieve over the next 12 months if I am reasonably disciplined; the second group are a little more tricky and will need a lot of hard work and self belief to achieve; and the third group are what I call my Big Kahunas, where I dream big!

Let me put these into perspective though. I have a longer term plan about being able to retire to the countryside with my wife and to be able to travel to places we would love to see.

So, my 2019 Goals are all about moving towards that longer term goal of retirement. If I achieve any of the Big Kahunas, then it helps me to get there a little sooner!!

However, in order to achieve my 2019 goals, I need to split these down so that I know what I want to have achieved after 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week, and daily. Whatever my daily goals are, need to be moving me a day closer to my long term goal.

It all sounds a bit complicated and time consuming, but trust me, once you have broken it down into bite size chunks, it really isn't so difficult...the really hard bit is making sure you complete as many of your daily goals as possible. Ticking things off your list as you go along. You do not have to be super clever, but you do need to be a little disciplined.

It also does not matter if you are employed, unemployed, self employed, student, stay at home parent etc. Anyone can do this, but you have to have the DESIRE to set some goals for yourself and BE PREPARED to write some lists. The great thing about LISTS, is that you can tick things off as you complete them. Why is that so important? Because it gives you a sense of satisfaction and achievement. You feel good. And if you feel good, you are more inclined to set those goals for the next day, and the next, and so on.

Of course there will be times when you do not feel good. Perhaps you get ill; fall out with someone; have sudden, urgent family business to attend to; or perhaps you just have a day or days when you feel low. These things happen. It's how you respond to these things that then becomes important. They can send you into a downward spiral which you you feel you can never get out of, or you can dust yourself down and tell yourself that you will not be knocked off track, even though any particular event can take time to resolve or put right.

Sometimes, we just need a friend to offload to, and we feel better. Sometimes though we need someone who perhaps has more experience in dealing with difficult situations, who can offer a bit of help and advice. Sometimes we actually need someone we can be accountable to, who we are in touch with on a regular basis, and who sometimes asks difficult questions or simply helps us to get back on track.

In my experience, we need all of these!

Ultimately, whether we simply make a few New Years resolutions, or whether we set ourselves a list of long, medium and short term goals, the one thing that is crucial to whether we are successful or not, is our MINDSET.

The difference between having a positive mindset and a negative mindset is MASSIVE, and sometimes we need help to move from the negative to the positive. Fortunately, there is plenty of help out there if you need it. Please do get in touch with me if that is something you would like to explore.

In the meantime, may I wish you all a Happy and Fulfilled 2019.

Malcolm Loveday
The Property Blogger
6th January 2019


Posted on May 25, 2018 at 5:31 AM Comments comments (225) 


Posted on October 27, 2016 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (1197)

There are few days that go by without me seeing some negative press about scumbag, rip-off landlords, or negligent agents failing in their duty of care and charging exorbitant fees, or tenants not paying their rent and wrecking properties.
The British Press just can’t resist having a pop, because we love a good story that blames someone else for the wrongs in our society.
So, here’s a novel approach to all that negativity, a positive spin on the rental market!
Did you know that the vast majority of landlords are really quite nice people? Yes, it’s true! Sure they own property to rent out, and yes, it’s an investment. They hope for long term capital growth and cashflow from the rental income. Do they do it because they are greedy, money grabbing, heartless people? Absolutely not. They are simply looking for somewhere to invest their savings and do their bit to help with the cronic housing shortage in this country.
Look, I’m not so naïve to think there is not a small minority who give landlords a bad name, but show me an industry which is squeeky clean from top to bottom.
I am pleased that the landlords whose properties I manage, want to look after their tenants by providing a home that is in good order, sorting repairs and maintenance quickly and efficiently, and ensuring they meet their legal responsibilities.
They delegate much of this responsibility to a local agent who will charge a fee to the landlord for executing these duties. The agent will also be expected to find suitable tenants who will have been referenced and credit checked, and who will have been furnished with all appropriate paperwork under current housing regulations prior to keys being handed over. Post check in, the agent will manage the property, ensure that rent is paid on time and handed over to the landlord. I am always saddened when I hear of agents who act in an unprofessional manner towards their landlords and tenants. Ultimately they will lose business and their reputation. I have no sympathy I’m afraid!
Tenants will expect a nice tidy, clean home to move in to, and will expect that any repairs and maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently by the agent. Tenants who feel listened to, and who see that the landlord and agent are doing their best to look after them and their home, will be happy tenants, who will hopefully become long term tenants. Yes, there will always be the odd rogue tenant who slips through the net and causes problems. That is part of the risk that landlords and agents sign up for.
There is no doubt in my mind though that BAD landlords, BAD agents, and BAD tenants are often attracted to each other!
So, that being the case, then the opposite must be true as well. The power of attraction is indeed very POWERFUL!
I am proud of the fact that at Freedays Property I get existing tenants recommending my services to their friends and families; that existing tenants who need to move want to stay with my agency; and that previous tenants who have perhaps moved away and returned to the area, call me first to see if I have anything suitable for them to rent.
In conclusion as to why LANDLORDS, AGENTS and TENANTS need each other, here are a few bullet points:
* LANDLORDS need AGENTS who will act ethically, honestly and professionally, and they need TENANTS who will pay their rent on time, look after their property and treat it as their own home
* AGENTS need LANDLORDS who will keep their properties in good order and who understand and comply with their legal responsibilities, and TENANTS who pay their rent on time and look after the property and treat it as their own home, complying with the terms of their tenancy agreement
* TENANTS need LANDLORDS and AGENTS to provide rental properties for them to live in, and who will deal with issues swiftly and efficiency, and who charge reasonable fees and rents
The rental market should be a market that is based on (GOOD!) RELATIONSHIPS between the 3 main parties involved. If this can be fostered and maintained, then it is a
situation all round. Simples!!!
Malcolm Loveday
Freedays Property Services


Posted on June 20, 2016 at 7:23 AM Comments comments (331)
There have been a raft of new regulations hitting Landlords and Letting Agents in the past few years, and it can be difficult to keep up to scratch with all the changes.

As a Landlord you are responsible for ensuring that your properties meet the current standards as defined in The Housing Act. If you engage the services of a Letting Agent to manage your property, you need to be sure that they know what they are doing, that they are keeping abreast of any new regulations, and are ensuring that you are fully aware of any upgrades that might be needed. (100)

You might be shocked by the number of agents that are either ignorant of, or choose to ignore, even the most basic of measures that are required to keep your tenants safe in their homes. (35)

So, let's start with some basics, some of the things you will (hopefully!) already know about:

1) You are legally bound to have an annual gas safety check done by a Gas Safe engineer who will issue a Gas Safety Certificate. Items that will be checked include any gas boiler or water heater, gas cookers/hobs, and gas fires. A copy of the certificate should be given to the tenant prior to them moving in.

2) You must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for each property that you let. These are valid for 10 years. From 1st April 2018 all rental properties must have a minimum performance rating of 'E'. A copy of the EPC must be supplied to a prospective tenant free of charge.

3) If you take a deposit from a tenant under an assured shorthold tenancy, the deposit must be protected under one of the three tenancy deposit schemes and the prescribed information regarding the deposit must be given to the tenant within 30 days of receiving the deposit.

4) Landlords in England are required to provide smoke alarms on every floor of their property and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room with a solid fuel source. (200)

5) As from the 1st October 2015 landlords are required to provide tenants with the most up to date copy of How to rent: the checklist for renting in England  If they haven't they will not be able to serve a valid Section 21 notice in England.

More on compliance and regulations in the next blog post.

Malcolm Loveday / Freedays Property 14.06.2016

The proverbial 'We Need Your Properties'!!

Posted on September 12, 2011 at 3:53 PM Comments comments (1073)
Landlords properties needed
Seriously, I know most agents always need more properties for 'tenants in waiting', but it is a fact today that more and more people are choosing (more likely 'need to') rent.
Mortgages are still hard to come by and it is not easy to find the large deposits needed to get a reasonable interest rate. So, if you can't buy you have to rent!
I really do have to turn people away because I do not have enough vacant houses and flats for let. Part of the reason why I have so few vacant is that I work hard to make sure tenants feel they are getting the best service around. That way they are more likely to stay longer...and recommend Freedays Property Services to their friends. I get a lot of referrals!
So, I truly do need more properties to let!
I will certainly do you a good deal if you try my service. Perhaps you are struggling with your existing agent; property empty for too long between tenants; getting viewings but no takers?; or even so fed up with your property that you just want to get rid of it, please get in touch for an informal chat and let's see if we can work something out.